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Luxury shower & bath

Bathshop Net Bath Trap

Made in: China – Code: 8936060050582 – Specification: 36 packs per carton

Your new net bath trap is perfect for cleaning your back and hard to reach areas.

Colors: Cream/ Dark green/ Cherry

Bathshop 4-in-1 Brush

Made in: China – Code: 8936060050926 – Specification: 72 packs per carton

One brush combines 4 tools: contain a brush, a pumince, a metal file and a emery file. Designed specially for your feet to gently remove calluses and dead skin, make your feet softer and smoother.

Bathshop Bath Brush With Delicate Sponge

Made in: China – Code: 8936060050599 – Specification: 72 packs per carton

Target those hard to reach areas with the help of our long handle brush. Wonderful for dry skin brushing, or for use in the shower with your favorite body wash.

Colors: Cream/ Dark brown

Bathshop Bath Sponge For Him 70G

Made in: China – Code: 8936060050575 – Specification: 36 packs per carton

Forms and colors are designed specially for men. High quality mesh material with elastic rubber hand strap.

Colors: Grey/ Dark Green/ Coffee

Bathshop Bath Pad

Made In: China – Code: 8936060050919 – Specification: 72 Packs Per Carton

It’s one of our 2-in-1 products. The natural cotton side gently massage to reveal fresh, radiant skin, while the soft netting side creates a cleansing lather from head-to-toe

Color: Cream

Bathshop Bath Sponge

Made In: China – Code: 8936060050780 – Specification: 36 Packs Per Carton

Your new bath sponge is made from soft delicate mesh which creates a rich lather for gentle cleansing.

Colors: Cream/ Light Yellow/ Mint

Bathshop Gentle Mini Bathshop For Kids And Baby

Made In: China – Code: 8936060050797 – Specification: 72 Packs Per Carton

Pamper your baby’s skin at bath-time. This soft mini bath sponge is made from smooth, delicate netting which creates a very gentle and rich lather.

Colors: Light Pink/ Yellow/ Blue